Electrocoagulation Process

Electrocoagulation technology is a treatment process of applying an electrical current to treat and flocculate contaminants without having to add coagulation electrocoagulation is an alternative method to classic chemical coagulation for many reasons.

Electrocoagulation is an electrochemical process that simultaneously removes heavy metals, suspended solids emulsified organics, and many other contaminants from water using electricity instead of expensive chemical regent the process uses electricity and sacrificial plates to combine with contaminants in the waste stream.

  • It is traditional effluent treatment
  • Required air blower
  • Large area required for plant
  • Retention time is 8-12Hrs
  • Operation must be 24*7 . You can’t stop the process
  • MLSS to be maintain as per process requirement
  • Minimum 30 day’s required to commission the plant to get desired output
  • Sludge generation is very high
  • Microbiological growth may hamper during winter season
  • Required primary secondary and tertiary treatment
  • Sludge Generation 3 times More compared to EC treatment so required 3 time more cost for sludge disposal
  • It is advance effluent treatment
  • No blower requirement
  • Less area required for plant
  • Retention time is up to 1 Hr
  • You can start and stop the process any time
  • MLSS not required
  • Within a day it will be commissioned
  • Sludge generation is 30-40% only
  • Work at 0-50 Degree temperature with same output
  • Required primary and tertiary treatment
  • Only 30-35 % sludge Generation compared to MBBR ( in process only suspended solidest are Oxidized by DC supply.
Advantages of Bisan electrocoagulation
  • Removes heavy metals as oxides that pass Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP)
  • Removes suspended and colloidal solids
  • Breaks oil emulsions in water
  • Removes fats, oil, and grease
  • Removes complex organics
  • Destroys and removes bacteria, viruses and cyst
  • sub-total $300.00
  • Eco Tax (-2.00) $10.00
  • VAT (20%) $60.00
  • total $370.00